What We Do

Our Mission
Primate Education Network (PEN) is a global network dedicated to connecting and empowering primate conservation educators.

Our Vision
A world where educators everywhere transform communities by inspiring them to value and safeguard primates and their natural habitats.

"Education is the foundation of primate conservation."
Amy Clanin, PEN Founder & Executive Director

How PEN Works
PEN's overarching goal is to advance the field of primate conservation education by addressing three needs of educators: connections, resources, and training.  The network pursues this goal in the following ways:

  • Facilitate connections and collaboration among primate educators
  • Highlight lessons learned and best practices in primate education
  • Build capacity of primate educators by providing resources, tools, and training
  • Inspire and nurture new generations of primate educators
  • Increase awareness, compassion, and protection for primates and their natural habitats

Training Workshops
PEN's Regional Coordinators in Latin America, Africa, and Asia represent the network at meetings and conferences and host training workshops in primate range countries.

Projects Directory
Using our Projects Directory, primate educators anywhere in the world can search for and register their projects.

Resource Library
To promote information sharing and prevent primate educators from reinventing the wheel, PEN curates a comprehensive collection of downloadable primate education materials.

PEN recently developed a comprehensive list of over 200 publications in primate education, including journal articles, conference abstracts, book chapters, and more!

Story Booth
Primate educators have gained valuable insight on what works and does not work.  PEN highlights primate educators and their lessons learned through our storytelling blog series.

Challenge Prize Contests
To build on our storytelling blog series, PEN rewards educators working in Latin America, Africa, and Asia for sharing their experience and solutions in primate education.

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