Fiona Young-Brown (May 2013 - present)
Fiona Young-Brown’s love of primates developed as a child in England when she frequently visited the gorillas at the Howletts Wild Animal Park.  Dreams of being the next Dian Fossey were waylaid by other adventures.  For three years, she taught in rural Japan.  She then did graduate work in women’s studies and medical anthropology at the University of Iowa.  A former teacher turned writer, she now makes her home in Kentucky.  In February 2013, she realized a lifelong dream when she spent a month in South Africa working at a primate sanctuary, an experience she hopes to repeat soon.

“Animal and environmental conservation cannot happen in a vacuum.  Local peoples play a crucial role in protecting their surroundings and their own livelihoods, and the key to this always has been and always will be education.  This is why I am excited to be a part of PEN.”

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