PEN organizes and leads customized training workshops in primate range countries that are hosted by our Regional Coordinators in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, in collaboration with local partners.

"Working collaboratively will help us achieve our goals faster and more effectively, and I’m really happy that we have PEN to support and work with us in the process."
Diana Carolina Guzmán Caro, Asociación Primatológica Colombiana

Leveraging Regional Capacity
PEN's innovative approach includes a train-the-trainers component for our Regional Coordinators to learn the content and techniques to effectively deliver our model.  We provide all the tools, resources, and one-on-one support they need to organize, facilitate, and evaluate the results of the training workshops.  Regional Coordinators working in different countries participate in each other's workshops to assist, learn, and adapt the model for their regions.

An Innovative and Scalable Model
During our workshops, PEN provides training on how to design and evaluate primate conservation education programs. Our interactive workshops also include icebreakers and provide a platform for primate educators to identify their regional challenges and needs and plan for future collaborative opportunities.  Additionally, educators share their stories through “Educators in the Spotlight” video interviews.  For most educators around the world, our training workshops are the first time that they engage over multiple days with other educators as part of a primate education learning community.

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