New Online Course to Debut in 2019!
Over the past five years, PEN has worked diligently to understand and address educators’ greatest challenges.  PEN exists to empower educators with the training, resources, and peer learning opportunities they need to work together, transform their education programs, and positively change behaviors in their communities.

The Challenge
We have delivered training workshops in Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, Vietnam, and beyond.  But one of the challenges in delivering in-person training is that we are unable to reach hundreds of other educators who still need our support.

Our Solution
By providing free online training, PEN can build the capacity of more educators AND accelerate conservation without boundaries or financial barriers.  Our course will enable educators to learn faster, build community, and access content from anywhere in the world with a phone and/or Internet connection.

Based on input from our network, PEN’s online course will fill a critical gap in training educators on how to design and evaluate successful conservation education programs.  Our team will host instructors to leverage peer learning across countries.

Without this course, educators will not be able to access the training they desperately need, a community to support continuous learning, and experts who are eager to share their knowledge and lessons learned in conservation.

Our First Five Years: PEN's Model From 2013 to 2017
Previously, PEN organized and led customized training workshops in primate range countries that were hosted by our Regional Coordinators in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, in collaboration with local partners.

Leveraging Regional Capacity
PEN's innovative approach included a train-the-trainers component for our Regional Coordinators to learn the content and techniques to effectively deliver our model.  We provided all the tools, resources, and one-on-one support they needed to organize, facilitate, and evaluate the results of the training workshops.  Regional Coordinators working in different countries participated in each other's workshops to assist, learn, and adapt the model for their regions.

An Innovative and Scalable Model
During our workshops, PEN provided training on how to design and evaluate primate conservation education programs.  Our interactive workshops also included icebreakers and provided a platform for educators to identify their regional challenges and needs and plan for future collaborative opportunities.  For most educators around the world, our training workshops were the first time that they engaged over multiple days with other educators as part of a primate education learning community.

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