Our Story

Welcome to our new interactive timeline with highlights of our impact over the years!  As PEN embarks on our fifth year, it is a special time to reflect on our accomplishments and look forward to working on our new online course.

The History of PEN

August 24

Applying Creativity & Behavior Change Frameworks in Education Program Design Training Workshop

57 conservation educators and practitioners working across 20 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia participated in our training workshop at the Int'l Primatological Society Congress. They learned behavior and creativity fundamentals, experienced creative teaching techniques, and applied this knowledge to prototype three new creative products with peers. Read more
March 1

Empowering Educators & Building a National Task Force in Uganda Training Workshop

PEN led a four-day training workshop in Uganda that filled a critical gap in equipping and training 37 conservation educators, park rangers, and park wardens on how to effectively design and evaluate their education programs. During PEN’s training workshop, our colleagues shared their experiences, showcased their tested and proven teaching techniques, identified their challenges and needs, solved case study challenges, designed network maps, and drafted a collaborative national plan of action for Uganda. Read more
November 5

Primate Education Course at XVI Brazilian Primatology Conference

PEN's Regional Coordinator for Brazil presented on PEN and co-led the first primate conservation education course that was hosted by the Brazilian Primatology Society at the XVI Brazilian Primatology Congress. Read more  
August 19

Storytelling Challenge Prize Contest

Our community of featured educators continues to grow! Meet the finalists of PEN's second Challenge Prize Contest (with support from our partner Primate Connections) Aline Oliveira Santos, Maholy Ravaloharimanitra, and Swasti Prawidya Mukti and read their stories. Read more
May 15

Lessons Learned Challenge Prize Contest

PEN (with support from our partner Eric Losh Illustration) launched our first Challenge Prize Contest to crowdsource lessons learned and reward educators in Latin America, Africa, and Asia with funding. Meet the winners Yeissy Sarmiento, Denis Agaba, and Mathilde Chanvin! Read more
December 4

Strengthening Collaborative Learning & Partnerships in Colombia Workshop

PEN delivered a second collaborative workshop with our partners Asociación Primatologica Colombiana and Fundación Proyecto Titi that targeted regional needs in Colombian primate conservation education. Read more
October 1

Global Survey: 5 Things Learned From Educators & Practitioners

PEN's 2014 Global Survey results are in! We would like to thank our colleagues, representing over 50 countries, who participated. Our findings revealed educator and practitioners' greatest challenges, needs, and more! Read more  
August 14

Fostering Synergy & Solving Global Challenges Symposium, Panel, & Workshop in Vietnam

Educators and practitioners joined PEN for our symposium (featuring 11 speakers), panel discussion (with representatives from CI, JGI, Hutan, and PEN), workshop, and dinner reception at the Int'l Primatological Society Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our colleagues came together to share experiences, learn from each other, and collaboratively solve three real-world challenges of their peers working in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Read more
June 13

PEN 2.0: New Tools. New Resources. New Website.

In June 2014, we introduced PEN 2.0, our new and improved website, membership program, Bibliography (a comprehensive list of over 200 publications in primate education!), and Projects Directory for our members to find primate education projects and connect. Read more
April 12

Promoting Conservation Through Education in Colombia Training Workshop

PEN's two-day training workshop filled a critical gap in building the capacity of primatologists in Colombia. The participants traveled from the Caribbean, Andes, Amazon, and Orinoquia regions to take part. They learned about how to effectively design and evaluate conservation education programs, identified their challenges and needs, solved case study challenges, designed network maps, and drafted a collaborative national plan of action. Read more
January 27

Interactive Session at IV Brazilian Field Primatology Course

PEN's Regional Coordinator for Brazil presented on PEN and led an interactive session for 16 primatologists at the IV Brazilian Field Primatology Course. Read more
August 4

Evaluating the Status and Needs in Latin America Workshop at XV Brazilian Primatology Conference

PEN's regional team for South America hosted a workshop at the XV Brazilian Primatology Conference. Participants shared their experiences and worked together on a plan of action for Brazil. They identified and discussed their challenges and needs of educators. In addition, our Regional Coordinator for Brazil gave a presentation on PEN during the Strategic Planning for Neotropical Primate Conservation Symposium. Read more
July 9

Promoting Dialogue & Collaboration Roundtable Discussion at ZACC

PEN facilitated a productive roundtable discussion at the Zoos & Aquariums: Committing to Conservation (ZACC) Conference with educators and practitioners working across Latin America, Africa, and Asia who exchanged education products, materials, and ideas. Read more
August 17

Introducing PEN at the IPS Congress in Mexico

Amy Clanin presented her ideas for the network and survey results that verified the need for PEN at the Int'l Primatological Society Congress (IPS) in Cancun, Mexico...and the results were overwhelmingly positive!
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