Empower Educators with PEN in 2014!

Dear friends of PEN,

This year, with the help of generous supporters like you, we began working in seven primate range countries in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Morocco, Uganda, and Indonesia. 

In our first year of operations, we made considerable progress…

  • Recruited 10 Regional Coordinators to drive outreach to primate educators in 7 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia
  • Established strong online presence with 3,000+ social media followers in 45+ countries
  • Curated and uploaded 75+ online resources for educators – from lesson plans to manuals
  • Highlighted 18 local field-based primate educators in 12 months through our Educator of the Month and Voices from the Field storytelling series
  • Received grant funding from four prestigious organizations for our field-based Regional Coordinators and educator workshops

But these are just a few of our accomplishments and our work has only just begun.  That is why I am writing to you now to ask for your support.  Our work is expanding and we need your help, so we can meet the challenges brought on by our success. 

Your year-end donation will support the following programs in 2014:

  • Educator trainings and workshops led by PEN’s Regional Coordinators
  • Educator Toolkits customized for each educator and primate range country
  • Online resources (Story Booth, Resource Library, and Worldwide Directory)
  • Primate Education Grant Program and strategic support for educators to help them design, monitor, and evaluate their programs
  • Expansion into new countries by recruiting and mobilizing more Regional Coordinators

As 2013 draws to a close and we prepare for 2014, we need your support like never before.  As a new organization, we are at a pivotal moment in our growth.  A donation of any size will have tremendous impact, but if you can send a gift of $50, $75, $100, or even $500, you will propel our work forward the fastest!  Your gift will provide the fuel we need to keep the momentum going.

Empower educators with PEN in 2014; make your year-end tax-deductible contribution to PEN today!  Thank you for your generous support of our important work.  My team and I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Yours truly,

Amy Clanin
Founder and Executive Director

P.S. Donate now to help us realize the tremendous potential of our global impact.  Because you care as much as we do about empowering educators and protecting primates.

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