Create Your Selfie with PEN’s 12 Message Downloads in English, Spanish, & Portuguese!

PEN's Booth at the Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco, California

PEN recently participated in the Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco, California.  At our table, we sold exclusive Peace, Love, & Primates merchandise and hosted a photo booth! Our supporters enjoyed sharing their selfie messages and using our primate photo props, including an emperor tamarin tongue and mustache, mandrill nose, bonobo lips, siamang throat sac, and orangutan mouth filled with mangoes!

Continue reading to view photos from PEN's photo booth at the Expo and download our 12 selfie messages!

“My wish for PEN is…to connect the whole world, starting with our sisters and brothers in the primate education community.” – Irene Dick-Endrizzi

“I am a member of PEN because…I want to connect with other educators.” – Johanna Vega

When I close my eyes, I dream of primates...coexisting without fear of EXTINCTION."  – Taylor

“My wish for PEN is…to grow RAPIDLY with LOTS of support! Primates NEED YOU! – Nancy Merrick

After each participant shared their selfie message and used our primate props,
they received an “I TOOK A SELFIE AT THE PEN BOOTH” sticker!

Create and share your selfie message with PEN!  Download our 12 templates in English, Spanish, and Portuguese:

  1. I am a member of PEN because...
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  2. I love PEN because...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  3. I love primates because...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  4. My wish for PEN is...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  5. My wish for primates is...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  6. I support PEN because...
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  7. I care about primates because...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  8. My hope for the future of primates is... 
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  9. When I close my eyes, I dream of primates...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  10. ____ are my favorite primates because...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  11. Education is important for primate conservation because...  
    Download: English  Spanish  Portuguese
  12. Create your own message!

Download all of PEN's 12 selfie message templates in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  

Send us an e-mail, post on our Facebook wall, or tweet us on Twitter with your selfie messages! Thank you for your support and sharing your messages with PEN's global community of educators!

Looking for more inspiration?  View more photos from PEN's photo booth at the Wildlife Conservation Expo below!

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